Meri Arnett-Kremian, BA, JD
Life Artistry & 
Transition Mastery Coach and 
SoulCollage® Facilitator
 Welcome to Soul Deep Coaching!
Wondering if life artistry or transition mastery coaching is right for you?  
Are you:

  • facing a major life transition and don't know how to navigate it or what’s next?
  • wanting to uncover old dreams -- or create new ones --  before it’s too late?
  • feeling empty and unfulfilled even though you’ve “made it?”
  • looking for better life balance, more joy and happiness?
  • realizing tried and true life strategies -- or the advice of friends and family -- aren't getting you where you want to go? 
  • experiencing an urge to re-vision your life and choose a new way of being?
  • seeking clarity, wanting to develop an action plan, and looking for an accountability partner?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you're ready to embark on a journey of discovery that focuses on you and your best life: a life artistry coaching relationship with me.  If you're confronting a major life transition -- divorce, the death of someone close to you, job loss, an empty nest -- a transition mastery coaching relationship may help you use your circumstances as a springboard to a more vibrant, meaningful life. 

Are you ready to make a crucial investment in yourself? If you are, you’ll have:

  • the belief that a more vibrant, satisfying life is worth an investment of your time and money
  • the desire to look at life’s possibilities and expand your horizons
  • the drive to fully engage in a powerful, generative coaching life artistry coaching relationship
  • an unwavering commitment to examine how your choices create your life, and
  • a willingness to reflect on your values and beliefs to see whether they still fit and, more importantly,  whether they guide your life choices

Delve into my site, imagine possibilities, and -- if you're drawn to work with me -- let's explore whether we might co-create an inspiring life artistry coaching or transition mastery coaching partnership for your growth. Tap your inner wisdom & unleash your potential!