Meri Arnett-Kremian, B.A., J.D.
Life Artistry & Transition Coaching


one-on-one personal coaching packages

Discovery Session -  approximately 2 - 3 hours; required for all new coaching clients prior to signing a coaching agreement and choosing a coaching package.

Focus - twelve 30-minute coaching sessions weekly for three months. 

Pathfinder -  24  30-minute coaching sessions weekly for approximately six months or 24 sessions every other week for 48 weeks, allowing some flexibility for scheduling around conflicts and vacations.

While participating in any of these coaching packages, you'll do much of the work between sessions, reflecting on what we've talked about and delving deeper into the topic. In order for us both to track your progress and keep me apprised of your questions, wins and stumbling blocks, you'll complete and send me an update form at least 24 hours before each session. These updates identify areas that might warrant exploration, but more importantly, provide a record of steps you've taken to achieve your desired outcomes.
small group coaching
Group coaching for groups of 4 to 6 people are offered via an online conference platform. To participate, you need a high-speed or cable internet connection, webcam, and a USB connection headset with a microphone.  

These virtual coaching groups center on specific topics and feature specifically tailored, proprietary materials and presentations, along with discussion segments, possible mini-coaching demos with participants willing to be coached "in public," and online workbooks to deepen the learning.

Topics include: Discover/Recover Your Creativity; Learning to Let Go; Graceful (as Possible)Transitions, Learning to Feel Your Feelings Instead of Thinking About Them, and others.  
online classes and webinars 
Some people prefer the flexibility of working through curriculum online, at a time and in a place of their choosing, instead of pursuing group coaching options or one-to-one coaching packages. Course offerings may include determining life purpose, creating a life vision, and even creativity rescue. Some e-courses may include online coaching feedback from me. As content is developed, I'll link information about each on this page.  If there's a topic that you'd like to explore, email me with your request and I'll explore options with you.
in-person workshops and retreats
I currently offer three hour, half-day, and two-day SoulCollage® workshops in the Puget Sound area and in other regions by invitation. These include Introduction to SoulCollage®, exploring the suits (Committee, Community, Council, and Companions), and specialized workshops.  Currently, I don't offer retreats but am exploring possibilities.  
want to test the waters with micro-coaching by email? 
We can develop a pay-as-you-go micro-coaching package where you submit questions by email and I coach around your question online on a special secure site. Email me if you're interested in trying this option, either as your sole means to forming a coaching partnership, in combination with a short-term personal coaching package custom-designed around a specific issue, or as a low-risk (but possibly reduced-reward) way to discover what value coaching might provide for you. 

questions or  requests?
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